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KNOW Your Search Market

SearchDom automatically collects all keywords customers use to search for your business, along with search volumes and clicks across all devices and locations.

KNOW Your Market Share

We collect and analyze all the search big data and find out how much traffic from your search market is actually coming to your business today.

KNOW Your Competition

We identify those who are getting customers from your search market today. Actionable intelligence guides your SEO and gets you more customers.

It's time to cut the clutter, automate the SEO and tie its results to the business bottom line!


Product Highlights


We build a smart system with AI to minimize your input. You can start tracking your search market and SEO in as little as 30 seconds.


We identify the search market you are in and track its changes. Don't do SEO in the dark. Know the total search volume and clicks you can grab.


We monitor your search market share and report your "D Score." You can also check for your ranks and market shares on market keywords.


We find all your competitors in search and compare their shares with yours. Detailed findings from us include how you are doing against them on market keywords, devices, locations.


We analyze the big data about your search market, you and your competition. Take action on high-impact SEO opportunities we find to win and dominate your search.


Rely on us to completely track your search market, your search dominance and results of your winning strategy over competition. Track results of your SEO action with us.


Two co-founders and a small team of developers are working on SearchDom, an automated solution for tracking search and providing actionable SEO intelligence to achieve search dominance for businesses and agencies.

How We Started

Prior to staring SearchDom, the business co-founder spent 20 years working first in one of the world's largest search engines, responsible for managing both SEO and SEM aspects of the data intelligence development. He later opened his own marketing agency and first-hand experienced today's SEO process that is inefficient and at high cost for both clients and the agency. He then developed a patent-pending method that automates and summarizes the tedious SEO process into a single D Score. Our technology co-founder joined our businesses leader and together they founded SearchDom with a core group of developers on the mission to bring the best and smartest SEO solution to the world.

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Case Studies

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Very different from other SEO tools we used before, SearchDom simply tells us how many people are searching for tennis in our town and how many of them we are getting every day! What SearchDom gave us really helped the design of this year's summer camp campaign that is working hard to sign up kids and juniors for this summer. If you need one tool to get you customers from search, SearchDom should be it. -- Ivica, Tennis Coach/Co-owner <br> <a href="" target="_blank">Join our mailing list to receive this full study</a>


Tennis Club
We now use SearchDom for all our SEO accounts. The D Score, a single number, is exactly what clients want to know about where they are in search marketing. It accomplishes a big task for us - to explain other SEO metrics to business owners. The full automation SearchDom brings in saves us a lot of time, from keyword discovery to competitive analysis. It's daily tracking give us a quick way to see results of our SEO work. -- Alex, Senior Account Manager <br> <a href="" target="_blank">Join our mailing list to receive this full study</a>


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