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2017 NFL Preseason Home Town Fever: Atlanta Falcons

As the 2017-18 NFL football season approaches, SarchDom looked at its data and compiled this one-day search snapshot on searches for Atlanta Falcons from the team’s hometown Atlanta Georgia. We created this report since we wanted to know whether Falcons fans are already heating up right now in the preseason.

1. The Search Fever

As a result, on August 26, 2017, we counted 54,435 daily searches resulting 2,937 clicks across 544 keywords in search for Atlanta Falcons from the team’s home town Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Therefore, the click-through-rate (CTR) is 5.40%. The data covers Google searches, regardless of whether they came from desktop, mobile and tablet devices.


Search Volume :  54,435   Keywords  : 544
Estimated Clicks :  2,937   Locations : 1
Click-Thru Rate (CTR) :  5.40%   Device : 3
 Search Engines : 1


map - Atlanta GA

2. The Hot Searches

SearchDom further reports that the top 5 dominant (most used) search queries used in searches for Atlanta Falcons from Atlanta, Georgia are:

  1. atlanta falcons
  2. falcons
  3. atlanta falcons schedule
  4. atlanta falcons tickets
  5. nfl

So in this year, fans have already started searching for their home team, the season schedule, and tickets!

3. The Popular Sites

We also found these top sites that hometown Atlanta Falcons fans are visiting from Google searches on August 26, 2017, ranked by SearchDOm D Score.

D Score (short for Dominant Score) measures a site’s search dominance in a given search market. For example, the D Score of a site will be 1.00 if it is ranked #1 on all keywords in this search market. On the contrary, a site’s D Score will be 0.00 if it is not ranked on any keywords in the search market.”

The sites with the highest D Scores in this search market are:

  1. mobile.atlantafalcons.com – 0.50
  2. espn.com – 0.43
  3. nfl.com – 0.37
  4. twitter.com – 0.29
  5. sbnation.com – 0.24
  6. atlantafalcons.com – 0.23
  7. bleacherreport.com – 0.20
  8. stubhub.com – 0.19
  9. tickets.atlantafalcons.com – 0.19
  10. thefalcoholic.com – 0.15

Finally, we want to state that this free publication by SearchDom intends to provide a high-level summary of the search market for Atlanta Falcons from the team’s hometown Atlanta, Georgia, USA, as of August 26, 2017.

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