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MARKET SNAPSHOT: More People Search For Remodeling and Home Improvement As Summer Comes

Remodeling and Home Improvement Search Market Is Hitting Up

As the temperature hits up, so should be the remodeling and home improvement search market.

To verify, we looked into a local search market: Kirkland, Washington. We also compared the search volumes from this town in a ten-day period around summer solstice in this year.

1. The Search Market

As of June 22, 2017, we estimated 1,203 daily searches were made, looking for the remodeling and home improvement products and services in Kirkland, Washington.


In comparison, there were 1,070 searches in the same search market on June 13, 2017.  Therefore, we are seeing a 12% increase in search volume within 10 days.

2. Dominant Keywords

We also find that customers from Kirkland WA used a total of 512 keywords to search for home improvement and remodeling related products and services. Furthermore, 27% of all search traffic are concentrated in these dominant (most used) keywords:

  1. general contractor
  2. home remodeling
  3. kitchen
  4. remodel
  5. handyman

3. Competition

We also find that in Kirkland, national and local businesses share this search market. For example, top national payers in this local search market are (with their respective D scores):

  1. – 0.61
  2. – 0.37
  3. – 0.32
  4. – 0.25
  5. – 0.20

But this is not the whole story.

In this search market, local service providers, notably McAdams Remodeling, are effectively competing with national players for business. We also listed top local providers who are receiving local search traffic here, along with their D scores:

  1. – 0.24
  2. – 0.05
  3. – 0.04
  4. – 0.02

Ranging between 0 and 1, the D Score measures a business’s level of dominance in a given search market.

This publication provides a high-level summary of this search market as of June 22, 2017 PDT. Email to receive detailed data and actionable intelligence generated by SearchDom. Sign up SearchDom for free today or contact us if you’d like to know about your own search market.

About the author: Lee Wang

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