Search Market Snapshot: Search Engine Marketing in Seattle, WA

How Many People Are Searching for SEO Services in Seattle, Washington?

As of June 20, 2017, SearchDom reports the following data for the search market “search engine marketing” in Seattle, Washington, USA.

1. Search Market

We estimated in Seattle, WA that there are 1,225 daily searches resulting 20 clicks across a set of 682 keywords on Google Search for this market. The resulting CTR is 1.60%.

search market

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2. Dominant Keywords

The dominant (most used) keywords for SEO services in Seattle are:

  1. SEO
  2. search engine optimization agency
  3. search engines
  4. seo agency
  5. seo keyword tool


3. Competition

SearchDom also reports that the following agencies, pros and sites are taking the lion’s share of Seattle’s SEO search market. Their domains and D Scores are listed:

  1. – 0.57
  2. – 0.35
  3. – 0.26
  4. – 0.23
  5.  – 0.19
  6.  – 0.13
  7. – 0.12

D Score, ranging between 0 and 1, measures a business search share in a given search market.

This publication provides a high-level summary of this search market as of June 20, 2017 PDT. Email to receive detailed data and actionable intelligence generated by SearchDom. Sign up SearchDom free today or contact us if you’d like to know about your own search market.


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